Restaurant in Sahorre

A family, group or seminar meal, Café Resto de la Mine can accommodate around 50 people and offer adapted menus.

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Restaurant menu

Discover our gourmet cuisine, local and seasonal.

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The pub

Warm atmosphere and conducive to relaxation and long discussions in front of a coffee or a drink.

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Restaurant close to Vernet-les-Bains in Sahorre (66)

Nestled in the heart of the village of Sahorre, the café restaurant de la Mine is just 10 minutes from the thermal baths of Vernet-les-Bains. If you hang out on the side of Sahorre with your fiance, be smart and smart to book at the Café Restaurant de la Mine.

Give yourself a good plate of regional products, without being ripped off when you take out your pecs.

It’s good to lick your lips, the five fingers of your hand and your thumb!

After having returned, go hang out in the village, and get to know some of our suppliers: Jean-Jacques Xifre, our Sahorre butcher (66).

He officiates with Helen, his wife emeritus, on the village square. And in their shop, they are strong cattle! They know a ray!
Always making good weight, a big smile and always a word to say for the summer visitors, the local and restorers of the region who flock for the fame of the chartrack.
At the Café Restaurant de la Mine, treat yourself to a good meal, with the “Naughty Evening”, “The Hiker’s Plate” or “The Plate of the Mine”. oucher of Sahorre

“If you can not buy happiness, you can buy cheese and it’s almost the same!”
Do not make a cheese! Once tasted on the Café Restaurant de la Mine plate, go to Sophie and Yves Sola on the Route de Vernet, at the Mas farm Guiter between Fuilla and Sahorre and the Aytua cheese at Jérôme and Marlène. Once in your wallet, you will face the obvious: “The cheese is not dead … It just feels a little stronger!” But what happiness for the taste buds !!!

Curled up on the sofa on the terrace of the Café Restaurant de la Mine, do not let your ice cream cool down, just to contemplate a timeless shop! “Serve, put the Euros in the mailbox on the stairs.”
Remember to lick your fingers in the middle of the meal. It was honey.
You’ll find the jars next to the fruit juice, seasonal fruits and vegetables.

“That I’m pie!” I forgot the apples of Mas Salies. For dessert, remember to order a piece of “Apple pie in my way“. But a little patience. François Salies picks them at the end of August.

In the meantime, do not stay in love by rinsing the corgnolon with a cannon of Côtes du Roussillon, or to quench your thirst, the Bissap syrup of Michèle Guash.

So, be smart and smart, book your table at Café Restaurant de la Mine at the following phone number
: +33 (0)